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CREDIT CARD / DEBIT CARD accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. All transactions are billed when the order is processed and shipped.

Please make sure billing information matches the cardholder’s information; otherwise, your transaction will be declined. Although it will show pending on your online banking, the funds will NOT be taken out and will be returned to your bank within 3-4 business days (depending on the bank and credit card). Once you have received a decline from our system, please double check your information, clear the cookies, close the browser and start the process once again.

NOTE: If you hit the back button during the transaction, the cookie will automatically reject your transaction even if you inputted the correct information.

Other Online Payment

Other Online Payment methods collaborate with all of major bank accounts, and cover many countries around the world via international card and payment organizations.


We only accept US PayPal accounts. All payments must be cleared before shipping. Please make sure there are sufficient funds in your PayPal account to prevent any delays in processing your order.


Teso Life Gift Card can be use for all items sold on

Gift Card Types:
1. General Gift Card - No expiration date. Can use multiple gift cards on the same order.
2. Promotional Gift Card - Expiration dates may vary, and certain Promotional Gift Cards may not be stackable. See gift card terms in each promotion for details.
Notice: In order to provide a healthier and safer shopping environment, we might ask you to verify your identity by providing us with an image of your ID or proof of address. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Teso Life reserves all rights for final explanation.